ACT Access to PrEP

The ACT PrEP trial has commenced, and the ACT Government is providing more than $110,000 to support the local trial, which will include up to 315 participants over 15 months. The trial is being conducted through the Canberra Sexual Health Centre at Canberra Hospital and the Interchange General Practice in Civic.

The local trial is part of the Expanded Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Implementation in Communities in NSW Trial (EPIC-NSW trial) funded by NSW Health and run by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales.

The AIDS Action Council is partnering with Green Cross Pharmacy Australia to improve access to PrEP for our communities. Through our relationship with Green Cross Pharmacy, the AIDS Action Council is able to assist you in accessing PrEP for free. Find out more about this program by clicking the link below.

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Many Challenges Remain to Ending HIV in Australia

"We don’t want to look back in 30 years and realise we missed the opportunity to make history by eliminating new HIV transmissions."

Even though there has been a major drop in new HIV cases in major Australian states, new research suggests there is a long way to go to end HIV.Australia has committed to ending new HIV transmissions by 2020, but the Critical Steps Towards Addressing HIV research found it has a lot of work to do to achieve that goal.

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Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV

Daily pills may become a thing of the past for people who have HIV. A long-acting injection has been found to work just as well or better than standard pill-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) at preventing the virus from bouncing back and becoming infectious again.

At the end of a two-year trial of 286 people with HIV, 94 per cent of those who had injections of the long-acting therapy every eight weeks had the virus under control, defined as having less than 50 copies of the virus per millilitre of blood. A monthly form of the injection was effective in 87 per cent of those who had it, while standard ART pills worked for 84 per cent of those who took them.

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Gonorrhoea superbug: health chiefs warn of 'untreatable' disease

London: A wave of untreatable "super-gonorrhoea" is spreading across the world as the disease becomes resistant to antibiotics, health chiefs have warned.

Scientists have described the outlook for combating the sexually-transmitted condition as "pretty grim", as it emerges that oral sex and a decline in condom use is fuelling a rise in hard-to-treat cases.

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