Brendan Maclean at CBR Fair Day

Don't miss Brendan Maclean at CBR Fair Day!

The AIDS Action Council, our partners and sponsors are proud to present Brendan Maclean live at CBR Fair Day 2019. Your headline performer helping you celebrate 20 years of Fair Day in Canberra! 

What do you see as the value of LGBTIQ+ pride events to the community?

 Pride events belong to the queer community! It’s your place to feel safe and to celebrate being yourself. Pride fairs, marched and parties are a chance to be surrounded by friends and chosen family. It’s also your only opportunity to see me play in Canberra!


Do you have a fun story or reflection about an event you have attended that we can share?

My first pride event was Sydney Fair Day. That fateful day, directly after my set, was the Drag ‘n’ Dogs fashion walk. Apparently a Labrador’s corset had fallen off and had to switch costume with its owner, they kept me on that stage for an extra twenty minutes as I filled time with Lady Gaga covers and played Stupid a second time. I learned something that day – no matter who you are or how important you think you are, never forget who is in control at Pride: Drag queens and dogs.


What do you like most about performing at this type of event?

There is a unique magic in the air at pride shows: As a performer it’s rare platform to share my music with the audience it was directly written for and I know when I get on stage I’ll be looking out to a sea of smiling faces who know this special day is just for them. It’s not about me, really, it’s about all of us. There’s no better feeling than performing songs about or inspired by your community to your community.


What makes you laugh about Canberra?

I had my first love affair in Canberra, so I certainly feel a sense of secret naughtiness about coming back. Will there be another love affair? Guess you’ll just have to turn up and see.


Visit Brendan's YouTube Channel and start memorising lyrics, because come 2 November we guarentee you're going to want to sing along! Visit Brendan's YouTube Channel and start memorising lyrics, because come 2 November we guarentee you're going to want to sing along! 


Read More About Brendan...

Read More About Brendan...
Maclean describes himself as a “Billy Elliot cliché.” He discovered dance while taking karate classes as a kid, and developed a passion for performing. Dance led him to theatre, which led him to music. He took up the piano in high school, hiding out in the music room to avoid getting beaten up and called a “faggot” at lunch.

Brendan’s ukulele pop anthem Stupid took the internet by storm in 2013. Selling thousands of copies from his bedroom, he was thrust upon the international scene when its charming single-shot video made waves on NPR and CNN. The Guardian UK crowned him, “a King of Pop In The Making,”.

His 2016 album funbang1 entered the charts at # 4 on iTunes and in the Carlton Independent Charts at #2 behind Sia. Funbang1 features the singles Tectonic, Free to Love and House of Air. Three songs from funbang1 can be heard in the third season of Netflix series Eastsiders.

After his cameo in The Great Gatsby as Klipspringer, Baz Luhrmann quipped that Maclean, “is a modern day Mick Jagger.” He confirmed this reputation and presented a stunning breadth of skill when he joined Marcia Hines in the award winning and critically adored cabaret, Velvet. After performing over 250 shows he left the cast to take a principal role in the 2018 ABC iView series F*cking Adelaide. In 2017 Brendan joined Sam Sparro, Diesel and David Campbell in The Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s tribute to George Michael Praying for Time

Maclean has made a habit of finding himself under the spotlight not only for his music but also his extraordinary music videos, Huffington Post proclaiming Brendan’s work as, “The smartest, most compelling videos we’ve seen in years.” His film clip for House of Air, a hard core, sexually explicit depiction of gay pornography, caused global controversy after racking up over 1.3 million hits in under a month, garnering both protests and acclaim. It went on to win The Berlin Music Video Music Awards and was accepted into the 2017 Raindance Film Festival. The clip remains on Vimeo where it has over five million views.

His follow up album, And The Boyfriends, was released in March 2019 and entered Australian iTunes the charts at #2 while reaching #9 on the Australian Independent Records charts. The album offers a master class in both the grand complexities and subtleties of great pop-rock songs and it the artist’s most complex and compelling work to date. The first single from it, Hibernia, showcases Brendan’s natural pop lyricism over a dynamic arrangement boasting tight guitar hooks and a throbbing electronic bassline.

Brendan can be found online at all times - being crowned King of Twitter by Pedestrian Daily or wowing fans on the front page of BuzzFeed with his video clips, there are few working performers in Australia as in touch with their audience.
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